Our playgrounds for your kids

Playgrounds in indoor and outdoor areas.

If it’s too cold or wet for the outdoor playground, kids can still enjoy themselves in the Guthof Lutz indoor playground. You’ll find it near the lobby; it’s soundproofed and connected by a stairway.

The indoor playground

Kids can romp around, play games and make new friends: all things that are sure to make their holiday one to remember forever.

The Guthof Lutz outdoor playground

Everything that puts a smile on a child’s face – kids simply love our outdoor playground, and parents do so too. And while your little ones run around and play to their hearts’ content, you can enjoy some glorious moments on our sun terrace. And the best thing is, you’ll always have your little ones in sight and can sit back relaxed and watch them while you enjoy a cool drink in the sun.

The Guthof Lutz playground provides for a fantastic range of fun-filled activities. And everything takes place in the pristine fresh air of the Alps in a fairy-tale mountain setting. And to put an even broader smile on your rosy-cheeked child’s face, you can buy delicious ice-cream at Kaufhaus Lutz next door.